Step 1 - Planning your move

Contact us today to discuss the details of your move and get a free quote.

Step 2 - Scheduling your move

You should schedule your move at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure you can move on the date and at the time of your choosing. If you need a last-minute move, don't worry! We will work hard to accommodate you; especially if you have a flexible schedule.

Step 3 - Before the move

Now that your booking has been confirmed, you should take some time to organize your belongings and reserve your elevators.

Don't forget to ask about our professional packing services to ensure your special items are packed and cared for properly. You can read more about packing your items in our moving and packing tips section.

You should also find some time to signal your upcoming change of address to your local post office.

Step 4 - During the move

On the moving day the Foreman will go over the list of items being moved and provide you a moving agreement highlighting our terms of service and your your rights and responsabilities as a customer. You will need to sign it and we recommend that you review it carefully along with any other document you will receive. Once signed, the loading process will begin.

Step 5 - After the move

Once the move is completed, the foreman will again present you the moving agreement form to note the finish time and your signature will indicate your agreement. The foreman will require payment immediately after you have signed the agreement form. We require that you or the person designated to handle the payment be at the destination before the move is completed.

Acceptable forms of payments are: cash and credit card. A money order or certified check may be used when arranged in advance.

Step 6 - Your feedback

We value your feedback. Your opinion helps us know what we could do better and what we're doing right. As part of our on-going effort to provide our customers with the best service possible, we encourage our customers to take a few minutes to tell us more about their moving experience by emailing us their comments at