Different and Better

At Energy Crew, We don't just move boxes. We build lasting relationships. Being one of Toronto's best-rated moving companies requires doing things differently. That's why We're committed to different practices and better standards.

3 Ways We're Different

Guaranteed Service
When you hire Energy Crew for your next move in Toronto, we guarantee that your crew will show up and get the job done. If we cannot meet this guarantee, your move is FREE. Simple! And if your move is booked for the first morning shift and your crew arrives 20 minutes later than scheduled, you’ll save 5% on your final amount. Guaranteed!

Affordable Rates
You won't pay a premium for our service. Energy Crew’s simple and no-nonsense pricing puts you back in control of your moving costs. From as low as $170, you can get a crew of 2 professional movers, a 16’ truck and basic moving tools necessary for a successful move.

Efficient Movers
Because your time is very valuable to us, our professional movers will get to work as soon as they arrive. From the moment the clock starts to the instant you wave goodbye, one thing will stand out: we work harder!

3 Ways We're Better

Better Care
At Energy Crew, we never hesitate to take that extra step that will make all the difference for you, our valued customer.

Better Commitments
We guarantee that what you sign up for is absolutely what you get: no hidden fees, no scams and no surprises.

Better Follow-ups
With Energy Crew, you're always notified of important information. For your convenience and peace of mind, we'll always send you a confirmation email when you book and we'll remind you of your move one day prior. Also, we'll always informe you of any service delays at least one hour in advance. Always! Finally, to ensure that we continue to serve you better, we will follow up with you after service via phone, email or SMS.